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The topic of the course is the ecological fruit cultivation.

The lecturers approach the importance of ecological fruit cultivation from different point of views. Mr. Ferencz Lehel horticulturist will give an interactive lecture on species selection, planting, plant protection, as well as maintenance of the orchard. Mr. Kolumbán Gábor’s lecture, entitled “Orchards in the landscape”, deals with the importance of the way how orchards influence the landscape. Pakot Mónika project manager highlights the necessity of collaboration regarding fruit cultivation in frame of „Traditional fruits – community living spaces” issue.

The course  is notably for people who live in rural areas, are unemployed or deal with agriculture and would like to know and learn the wiles of ecological fruit cultivation.

Participation at the course is free of charge but the number of places is limited. That’s why it is important that those who are interested to apply for the course in advance at Mr. Szőcs László mayor, telephone number 0745-322-939 or at Ms.Pakot Mónika, telephone number 0726-388-757 till 4th December 2015.

We would like to ask the participants to bring with them traditional fruits cultivated in their own garden (3-4 pieces of each species) with which we would like to organize a presentation with taster.